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Built for Pros, by Pros.

When it comes to selling records online at scale, we feel your pain. As sellers ourselves, we understand the limitations of the current platforms for pro sellers. We built Cratebase to help sellers like you ship orders faster with less hassle so you can focus on growing your business. We're building towards enabling record stores, labels and sellers to manage inventory, sales and fulfilment across channels and marketplaces with the ease you may expect from tech platforms in 2024.
our story

No. More. Workarounds.

We’ve felt the frustration of selling collectibles on platforms that aren’t set up to handle volume. With 10 years of selling online + 10 years of building tech products and seller tools, we’re using our expertise to build a better solution.

Working with the best: From day one, we partnered with expert sellers who knew they had potential to be bigger and better but couldn’t make it happen when accepting the status quo. We’re focused on solving actual problems with solutions that deliver.

Big plans ahead: There’s more to come. With picking, packing and shipping sorted, we’re committed to simplifying the full spectrum of your operations across marketplaces and other channels. Stay tuned!

Our team

We’re committed to making IMMO a great place to work, for ourselves and our investors.

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