Introducing cratebase shipping

Ship More. Pay Less.

Looking for better (international) shipping options for your orders from Discogs, Ebay, and other marketplaces?
We've got you covered.
save big on your shipping costs

Cratebase Shipping

We feel you - with platform and payment fees coming out of your shipping fee, there's not much left to provide a reliable, tracked shipping service, let alone pay for solid packaging materials. That's why we're consolidating the shipping volumes of our large sellers to negotiate the best shipping deals for all Cratebase sellers.
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Get your ship in order.

Shipping costs are a major part of sellers' costs, and one that usually only goes up over time. We help sellers save on shipping costs while keep offering their buyers around the world a high(er) quality service.
Bring your own contracts if you already have good rates.
Make use of our pre-negotiated rates based on the combined volume of Cratebase sellers.
Easily use consolidation services for international shipments.